Server Development Timeline user paracom email with general pass_phrase # i1 -First XMPP server using ejabberd This server was cobbled together in a rush to maintain comms during a possible tech blackout. Release Date- 01/19/2021 (day before Biden inauguration) Server ver.- DNS / # i2 -The first CASP3R Server using Prosody, crashed because of improper configuration. Release Date- 02/02/2021 # i3 -This .img file was saved as i4 to signify a breakthrough in i3 phase 4 with _http, http_files & http_file_upload Release Date- 02/04/2021 #i4 -This is the server build. Saved the .img as casp3r.im_i4B.img to minimize confusion. Release Date- TBA xx/xx/xx

Server Development Timeline