What is my obligation to USJTF?

You have no obligation, USJTF simply provides the education, standards and certification that brings certified members to a place of mutual skills, abilities and understandings.

Earning a certification is a profound accomplishment, not only does one learn valuable skills like martial arts and emergency medical aid, but you also make valuable personal connections with other men that are also on a path of personal development. These connections, shared personal challenges & hardships form a true bond & a brotherhood.

USJTF Certified individuals can join teams based on their own level of contribution and what is required of that specific team. More on teams later.

The USJTF Basic Certification Course:

This course consists of x phases

Phase X


DT (To pass must aquire a yel./wht. Belt in Judo)



Everything has a score and is tested if you don't score high enough you dont pass the course, and you dont get a participation trophy.